Roads & Road Network

The overall road network and coverage in the Shivalik region is better compared to the overall Haryana State . Haryana has an average of 52 km of metalled road per 100 square km of area and the districts of Ambala, Panchkula and Yamunanagar have 72 km, 63km and 64km, respectively. The field survey, however, revealed that the access road conditions from villages to nearest market place are in poor condition of maintenance. Except for Sadaura in Yamunanagar, Naraingarh in Ambala and Pinjore in Panchkula, all other blocks have average or poor condition of roads.

Road connectivity has generally been available to most of the villages in the region; with over 95 % villages connected with paved approach roads (motorable roads). Road network in the hilly area of Morni block is relatively poor due to its undulating and difficult topography. Over 92%, 83% and 96% of the villages in the districts of Ambala, Panchkula and Yamunanagar respectively are connected with paved approach roads. Only Morni block of Panchkula and Sahzadpur block of Ambala shows 67 and 75 percent of villages connected with paved approach roads. Kandi project in its phase II has put major efforts in construction of bridges and roads though there are still avenues for improvement.

Rail connectivity is limited in the region. Except for blocks like Ambala, Barara and Kalka, none of the blocks have rail connectivity, though this drawback is fulfilled by road transport services to a great extent. Almost 75 % of the villages in Ambala, 45% in Panchkula and 40% in Yamunanagar are touched by bus services. Morni (only 11% villages covered) and Sadaura (only 27% of villages covered) lack proper connectivity and bus service. Private smaller vehicles are the means of transport for the people living in these areas.