Livestock in Animals


Livestock rearing has been an important component of the farming systems of the Shivaliks, as well as the State, since time immemorial. Besides an insurance against vagaries of nature, this activity is certain pursuit to generate extra income. Shivaliks account for 45% of the state's poultry population, 13.9% of cattle population and 8.1% of buffalo population (Table 2.15).

Table 2.15: Livestock population (in '00)

Distirct Cattle Buffalo Sheep & Goat Poultry
Ambala 696 2422 238 5,555
Panchkula 356 693 120 44,488
Yamunanagar 1,089 1778 252 11,691
Region Total 2,141 13.9% 4,893 8.1% 610 5.6% 61,734 45.3%
Haryana 15,402 60,348 10,932 1,36,189

(Source: Department of Animal Husbandry, Haryana, 2003)

Agriculture Markets

Shivalik Region has 14 main agriculture markets or mandis as follows.

District Ambala: Ambala City , Ambala Cantt, Barara, Naraingarh, Naneola, Shahzadpur, Mullana

District Panchkula: Panchkula, Barwala, Raipur Rani

District Yamunanagar: Bilaspur, Sadaura, Chachrauli, Jagadhri

As per the sample study, the three blocks of Yamunanagar, which are serviced by the markets of Chachrauli, Bilaspur and Jagadhari, provide poor to average infrastructural support to the farmers. Chachrauri mandi has poor infrastructure, while the Bilaspur and the Sadaura markets is marginally able to provide optimum infrastructural supports. The roads from villages to the nearest mandi are also rarely in operational condition. Except for few villages on the national highways, the approach roads to the district agriculture markets also need improvement. Except for mandis in Ambala, Barara, in Ambala district and Raipur Rani and Pinjore markets in Panchkula most of the markets lack basic civic amenities.