Yamuna Nagar District

Detail of works implemented in Yamuna Nagar

District Yamuna Nagar 2017-18

(Rs. in lacs)

Sr. No. Name of Work Name of Executing Agency/ Deptt. Estimated Cost/ Total Cost Funds Released  Remarks
1 Community Pond (25Hac & Whole  Village) in village Bansewala Block Bilaspur ASCO, Yamuna Nagar 3.00 45.00 Work Completed
2 Const. of 8 Nos Cement Bricks Machinery Structure Drop StructureEarthen Bandh (50 Hac & 16 Nos Beneficiary) in village Miyapur Block Bilaspur 6.00
3 Community Pond (42 Hac & Whole  Village) in village Paniwala Block Bilaspur 5.00
4 Const. of Community Pound (41 Hac & 10Nos Beneficiary) in village Rampur Gandana Block Bilaspur 5.00
5 Const. of 4Nos Cement Bricks Machinery Structure/Drop Structure  (41 Hac & 10Nos Beneficiary) in village Rampur Gandana Block Bilaspur 3.00
6 Const. of 5Nos Cement Bricks Machinery Structure/Drop Structure  (29 Hac & 10 Nos Beneficiary) in village Rampur Herian Block Bilaspur 4.00
7 Const. of  5 Nos Earthen Bund   (28 Hac & 8 Nos Beneficiary) in village Rampur Herian Block Bilaspur 4.00
8 Const. of Cement Bricks Machinery Structure/Drop Structure  (6 Hac & 12 Nos Beneficiary) in village Tunda ki Tapriya Block Bilaspur 5.00
9 Const. of 4 no. CBMS/Drop Structure (Area) [40Hec,15 Nos. Beneficiaries] in village  Kol Fathegarh Block  Chhachhrauli 5.00
10 Const. of Cement Bricks Machinery Structure/Drop Structure  (40Hac & 18Nos Beneficiary) in village Peerbholi Block  Sadhoura 5.00
  Sub-Total    45.00 45.00  
11 Const. of Retaining wall of  Pond in village Sandhaye Block Bilaspur BDPO, Bilaspur 7.00 7.00 Work Completed 
12 Const. of Nala from H/o Kaka Sarpanch to towards river in village Chintpur Block Chhachhrauli  BDPO, Chhachhrauli   5.00 26.00 Work Completed 
13 Const. of Retaining Wall of Pond near Gurudwara in village Karkoli Block Chhachhrauli 8.00 Work in progress
14 Const. of Nala from H/O Baliram to pond in village Shehzadwala Block Chhachhrauli 5.00 Work Completed
15 Const. of Retaining wall of Pond in village Tihmo Block Chhachhrauli 8.00 Work in progress
  Sub-Total    26.00 26.00  
16 Const. of Nala from H/o Sukhbeer to H/o Satab  in village Bhagera Block Chhachhrauli (Site changed vide letter No. SDA-2018/556 DT. 01-06-18) (( BDPO, Chhachhrauli has transferred scheme of Rs. 9.00 lacs to BDPO, Khizrabad vide their letter No. 1684 dt. 13-06-18) BDPO, Khizrabad 9.00 9.00 Work in progress
17 LED Lights in way of Mata Mantarna Devi Temple in Adibadri & Bhagwanpur Block Bilaspur  BDPO, Bilaspur 7.50 14.50 Funds transferred to Xen, electrical PR, Ambala by BDPO, Bilaspur vide ch. No. 522670 dt. 06-06-18 for execution
18 Const. of Toliet and Bathroom. Near Mata Mantrna Devi in village Bhagwanpur Block Bilaspur  7.00 will be completed upto 30-09-18
  Sub-Total    14.50 14.50  
19 Const. of Multipurpose Hall near yagshala at Adi badri (Rs.25.00 lakhs) & boundry wall of Adibadri Temple near Saraswati River (Rs. 5.00 lakhs) in Adibadri/ Kathgarh block Bilaspur DFO, Yamuna Nagar  30.00 240.00 --
20 Public toilet of 10 nos at various places of Rasta Mata Mantra Devi, Adibadri, Kedar Nath & Kapal Mochan in Mata Mantra Devi/Kathgarh Block Bilaspur 11.00 --
21 Const. of Retaining Wall/ Protection Wall of Mahakleshwar Mandir, Forest side. In Kalesar Block Chhachhrauli                                                    10.00 --
22 Const. of Stair Step with Jaali & Strangthing of Rasta Mata Mantra Devi near Kathgarh Village Block Bilaspur 95.00  Work in Progress
Retaining Wall 11 No Mata Mantra Devi Way and Mandir
CC Stud 3 No Near Baag 
Retaining Wall Near Baag
CC Path near Baag
23 Installation of Sign Boards & Reflectors at various places of Rasta  Mata Mantra Devi, Mantra Devi Temple, Adi Badri, Kedar Nath temple & Kapal Mochan Block Bilaspur 10.00 --
24 Const. of Multipurpose Hall near Mata Mantarna Devi. in Village Bhagwanpur Block Bilaspur 25.00 --
25 Const. Of RCC Water Harvesting Structure/Drop Structure 1. In village Faizpur(Kalesar) (c-17) Block Chhachhrauli  53.71 --
26 Construction of Retaining wall of Khala near village Abadhi in village Nagli-32 Block Bilaspur  18.78  Work in Progress
27 CSMS 9 Nos. & Crate Wire 8 Nos. in village Kathgarh block Bilaspur  27.30  Work in Progress
28 CSMS 5 Nos. & Boundary wall near Badri Narayan Mandir & Retaining wall road side 5 Nos. of Adi Badri Block Bilaspur   70.40  Work in Progress
  Sub-Total    351.19 240.00  
29 Const of Culvert and Gali from H/o Balbir to H/o Sadhu Ram in village Kanipla ki Tapria G.P. Kanipla Block Sadhaura  BDPO, Sadhaura 6.00 6.00 --
30 Const. of culvert of Pinjora Drain in Vill. Garhi Gosai Block Saraswati Nagar (scheme changed vide letter No. 685 dt. 26-06-2018) XEN, Irrigation   (Water Services Division), Jagadhri  30.00 30.00 Recently scheme changed on 26-06-18
31 Const. of Rasta From Vill. Sadikpur towards  Vill. Pamuwala Block Sadhaura XEN, Panchayati Raj, Yamuna Nagar 40.00 20.00 --
32 Const. of  Rasta from PWD Road to H/o Sh. Vinod in village Uccha Chandna Block Saraswati Nagar  BDPO, Saraswati Nagar                   (Mustafabad)  5.00 5.00 --
33 Const. of Rasta from Brada Kala amb Road towards Pandon in village Pandon Block Sadhaura BDPO, Sadhaura 7.50 15.00 --
34 Const. of Rasta from Sadhaura Kalaamb Road towards Kaptan Majri in village Kaptan Majri Block Sadhaura 7.50 --
  Sub-Total    15.00 15.00  
35 Const. of Rasta from Vill Bhagwanpur towards Mata Mantrna devi in village Bhagwanpur Block Bilaspur BDPO, Bilaspur 10.00 10.00 80% work completed remaining will be completed upto 30-09-2018
  Total    558.69 427.50