Ambala District

                                                                   Detail of works implemented in Ambala

                                                                                       District Ambala 2015-16

  District Ambala   (Rs. in lacs)  
Sr. No. Name of Work/ Schemes Name of Executing Agency/ Deptt. Estimated Cost/ Total Cost Funds Released  Exp. Remarks
1 1/6 Nos. WHS-I/ Interception Bundh cum Diversion Embankment along river bank both side (80 Ha. Area) in village Khudda Block Ambala II ASCO, Naraingarh   18.00 94.00 94.00 Work Completed
2 1/2 Nos.  Drop Str. With E/work /Earthen Embankment on Rasta /Div. Emb. (120 Ha. Area) in village Salarheri Block Ambala II 10.00
3 1/8 Nos. WHS-I /Earthen Bundh /Diversion Embankment on the River Bank (60 Ha. Area) in village Manglai Block Ambala II 18.00
4 1 Nos. WHS-I/Causeway pipe type culvert(12 Ha. Area)   in village Sambhalkha Block Saha 15.00
5 2/7 Nos. WHS-2 No. /Earthen Bundh cum Diversion Embankment on the River Bank (75 Ha. Area) in village Babak Majra (Be Chirag ) Block Shahzadpur 30.00
6 1/3 Nos. Drop Str. With Earthen Suport  Labour work (30 Ha. Area) in village Sambhalwa Block Naraingarh 3.00
  Total    94.00 94.00 94.00