Development is a complex process. It involves transformation of social, economic, infrastructure and institutional forces within the specific time frame to enhance the living conditions of the people, impart skills, foster conditions for reflection and learning, and broaden the choices available to them. Performances in the field of economic development, however, vary across nations, states, districts, regions, or even sub-regions. In the prosperous state of Haryana, Shivalik region still lacks in basic infrastructure, facilities and employments opportunities. Government of Haryana in March 1993 formed an independent board namely Shivalik Development Board (SDB) with Shivalik Development Agency (SDA) as an implementation wing to facilitate focused development of the region. The area covered under SDB is entire Panchkula, Ambala & Yamuna Nagar District.


The Shivalik hill ranges is a part of sub Himalayan mountain system extending from the state of Jammu and Kashmir on the west to Uttarnachal in the east, covering Himachal Pradesh, and parts of Punjab and Haryana. A large part of Shivaliks lies in Himachal Pradesh, the upper catchment of Shivalik region of Haryana.

Demographic Profile

The population characteristics of Haryana show that of the total population of 21.14 million, approximately 70 % are in the rural area. The decadal population growth has been of 28% from 1991 to 2001. Total worker category constitutes 40% of the total population of the state, of which 75 % are main workers and 25% marginal.

The total population of the area under SDA is 1.8 million, amounting to approximately 8.8 % of Haryana State population.