19th Meeting

Minutes of the 19th Governing Body Meeting of the Shivalik Development Board held on 30-08-12 under the Chairmanship of Sh. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Haryana.

At the outset Additional Chief Secretary & Financial Commissioner, Revenue welcomed the Hon’ble Chief Minister and other Official and Non-Official members present in the 19th Governing Body Meeting of Shivalik Development Board. Hon’ble Chief Minister Haryana apprised the house that Rs. 2800.00 Crores has been spent in Shivalik Area during the last 8 years and Rs. 46 Crores have been sanctioned for construction of bridges in Shivalik area during last three years which are under progress. Thereafter, the agenda items were taken up by Commissioner Ambala Division-cum-Chairman, Shivalik Development Agency, Ambala.

Item No. 1: Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting held on 19th August 2008.

The House confirmed the minutes of the last meeting held on 19-08-2008.

Item No. 2: Action taken report on decisions of the last meeting.

The House noted the action taken report on the decisions of the last meeting and decided to take suitable action in respect of the followings: -

Particularly the house was apprised about the filling up of vacancies in the Shivalik Area. The Hon’ble CM directed the concerned officers that the vacant posts related to Education, Health, Animal Husbandry & ICDS departments be filled up on priority basis.

Item No. 3: District wise release of funds during the year 2002-03 to 2011-12.

The House was apprised of the release of funds from 2002-03 to 2011-12. Dr. K.K. Khandelwal, IAS pointed out that the funds position should be shown since the formation of the Shivalik Development Agency i.e. 1993 in next meeting.

Item No. 4: Review of progress for the works 2008-09.

The House was apprised of the progress of the works undertaken during the year 2008-09.

Item No. 5: Review of progress for the works 2009-10.

The House was apprised of the progress of the works undertaken during the year 2009-10.

Item No. 6: Review of progress for the works 2010-11.

The House was apprised of the progress of the works undertaken during the year 2010-11.

Item No. 7: Review of progress for the works 2011-12.

The House was apprised of the progress of the works undertaken during the year 2011-12.

Item No. 8: Detail of funds for the year 2012-13.

The House was apprised that the agency had unutilized funds of Rs. 2.70 lacs of the previous year (2011-12), and received Rs. 275.00 lacs as 1st installment of funds of the sanctioned amount of Rs. 1100.00 lacs for the year 2012-13. The agency released Rs. 261.92 lacs upto 10-08-12 against the total availability of Rs. 277.70 lacs on the recommendations received from Deputy Commissioners & ongoing projects of 2011-2012. After discussions, the Hon’ble CM directed that all departments should expedite the projects on an urgent basis and effectively monitor their progress.

Item No. 9: Approval of Annual Action Plan 2012-13.

It was apprised that henceforth the funds under the Shivalik Development Plan shall be supplemented/dovetailed with MNREGA, and all the projects shall be implemented through the Panchayats only for proper utilization of funds. The technical support and supervision shall be provided by the concerned departments. The Annual Action Plan of the Districts could not be approved due to less share taken under MNREGA in the proposals submitted by the Deputy Commissioners. The projects shall be so prepared indicating labour & material expenses separately and labour component will be borne under MNREGAS whereas material component will be provided by Shivalik Development Agency. Hon’ble Chief Minister-cum-Chairman, Shivalik Development Board was of the view that schemes should be implemented by the departments with their own budget and Shivalik Development Agency can provide the funds where necessary only for filling the gap arrangement and maximum funds should be given for watershed management and irrigation schemes. The Deputy Commissioners were directed to send the proposals accordingly which will be finalized by Ld. FCR and Commissioner Ambala. District wise allocation shall be balanced i.e. 50% for Panchkula, 30% for Yamuna Nagar & 20% for Ambala. Hon’ble Chief Minister apprised that the Revised Project Proposal for Integrated Development of Shivalik Area with cost estimates of Rs. 647.28 Crores for 10 years should be submitted to Government of India at the earliest. This Project was earlier submitted to Government of India in May, 2008 with proposals to be implemented for 15 years. The project was appreciated by Dr. K.K. Khandelwal, IAS, Additional Principal Secretary to Hon’ble Chief Minister, Haryana and Principal Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Information and Public Relations Department. He further stressed for the Development of 88 villages of district Panchkula, 46 villages of district Yamuna Nagar and 10 villages of district Ambala which require immediate attention for Development mentioned in this project. Funds for the ongoing incomplete works would be released to the concerned departments already executing the works in progress. All the departments in Shivalik area would send progress report of development works (Physical & Financial) to concerned Deputy Commissioner who will further send this information to Shivalik Development Agency at the time of Shivalik Development Board meeting which will be reviewed in the next Shivalik Development Board meeting.

Item No. 10: Reconstitution of Shivalik Development Board.

Hon’ble Chief Minister nominated Additional Chief Secretary & Financial Commissioner, Revenue as the President of Co-ordination Committee of Shivalik Development Board. Non-Official Members will submit proposals to Concerned Deputy Commissioner for their implementation. They will also attend District Level Meeting of Shivalik Development Agency. It was also decided that earlier 15% of funds prescribed for release for development in urban area may be treated as deleted for urban areas and funds will be utilized only for rural area henceforth.

Item No. 11: Annual Action Plan under Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan(SCSP).

It was apprised that the Government has earmarked Rs. 150.00 lacs out of the total allocation of funds of Rs. 1100.00 lacs to be utilized under SC component and accordingly this amount would be spent for the benefit of SC community. In this regard now Planning Commission has replaced the word “Majority of Scheduled Castes Population” with “Having more than 40% Scheduled Castes Population” Deputy Commissioners will decide only such proposals which would directly benefits S.C. Community.

Item No. 12: Any other item with the permission of the Chair.

Most of the members were of the view that Shivalik Development Board meeting should be conducted after every six months. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.