18th Meeting

Minutes of the 18th meeting of the Shivalik Development Board held on 19.8.2008 under the Chairmanship of Sh. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Haryana

At the outset Commissioner, Ambala Division-cum-Member Secretary, Shivalik Development Board welcomed the Hon’ble Chief Minister and other members of the Shivalik Development Board in its 18th Meeting. Thereafter, the agenda items were taken up.

Item No. 1: Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting held on 28th March, 2007.

The House confirmed the minutes of the last meeting held on 28.3.07

Item No. 2: Action taken report on decisions of the last meeting.

The House noted the action taken report on the decisions of the last meeting and decided to take suitable action in respect of the followings : -

i) Tourist Complex at Morni: It was informed that the Tourism Department has not taken over the building complex being unviable. The Technical Education Department has taken up the possession of the building for starting the women polytechnic here.

ii) PHC, Hangola: The House was informed that the construction of this building has been completed and is ready to be taken over by the Health Department. The Hon’ble CM directed the Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, Health to inspect and take over the building.

iii) Filling up of vacancies in Shivalik area: The Hon’ble CM directed the concerned officers that the vacant posts related to Education, Health and Animal Husbandry departments be filled up on priority basis.

Item No. 3: Review of progress for the works 2006-07.

The House was apprised of the progress of works undertaken during the year 2006-07. The House noted the status report. Hon’ble CM appreciated the progress. He however expressed his displeasure regarding the delay in construction of SS dams which were delayed considerably because the Forest Department did not allow the same. He also felt that the Forest Department do not have engineering expertise. If they construct these dams, they should acquire this expertise, otherwise, the Irrigation Deptt. should be allowed to construct these dams.

Item No. 4: Review of progress for the works 2007-08.

The House was apprised of the progress of the works undertaken during the year 2007-08. After discussions, the Hon’ble CM directed that all departments should expedite the projects on an urgent basis and effectively monitor their progress.

Item No. 5: Detail of funds for the year 2008-09.

The House was apprised that the agency had unutilized funds of Rs. 1.58 lacs of the previous year (2007-08), interests, misc. receipts amounting to Rs. 102.00 lacs and received Rs. 166.00 lacs as 1st installment of funds of the sanctioned amount of Rs. 950.00 lacs for the year 2008-09. The agency released Rs. 264.00 lacs upto 31.7.08 against the total availability of Rs. 269.58 lacs.

Item No. 6: Approval of Annual Action Plan 2008-09.

The Annual Action Plan for the year 2008-09 amounting to Rs. 27.97 crores prepared by the Shivalik Development Agency was discussed in the meeting. The Hon’ble CM was of the view that instead of spending the money on other activities of the concerned departments, focus should be on the water shed management and horticulture. He emphasized that the main problem of the foot-hills is the soil erosion and water runoff. Therefore, the schemes for Water Shed Management are essential. He desired that maximum amount should be spent on these schemes. Likewise, development of Horticulture should be given priority. He desired that the works of drinking waters, rural connectivity and electrification should be done by the concerned department from their own budget. The Shivalik Development Agency should release funds only for installation of handpumps in the difficult villages and areas. The Director, Horticulture also pointed out in the meeting that they have sufficient funds under the Horticulture Mission of the Government of India and they would take up the Shivalik areas under these programme. The Finance Minister also pointed out that Himachal Pradesh has made tremendous progress in the field of Horticulture. He desired that hill areas of the Shivaliks should be developed on similar pattern. It was also pointed out by the non official members that the quality of boring of tubewells by the government agency was poor as compared by the private contractors. The Hon’ble CM urged the department to look into this aspect. It was also pointed out by some members that the PWD(B&R) department do not take up the construction of roads in the Shivalik area on the ground of specifications. The Hon’ble CM directed the PWD(B&R) department to look into it.

Item No. 7: Any other item with the permission of the Chair.

There being no other items, the meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.