History of SDA

SDB and its implementation arm, SDA, being an autonomous agency, has been in the unique position to facilitate changes in the field of integrated development on the basis of the need of the area. This section contributes to the understanding of the role played by SDB and SDA in the implementation process.

SDA Mandate

SDA was set up in the month of March 1993 as a Society with head quarters at Ambala. On its inception in 1993, SDA's main aims and objectives as stated in its Memorandum of Association (MOA) were:

  • To undertake special comprehensive surveys for all round development of Shivalik area on the basis of techno-economic and other detailed surveys.
  • To formulate specific schemes to raise the standard of living of people in general and identified beneficiaries in particular.
  • To undertake area development schemes inter-alia for further strengthening the infrastructural facilities in the area necessary for achieving the goal set by the agency.
  • To review the progress of the schemes undertaken by the agency and all other ongoing schemes/ programmes being implemented by the state and central government and other institutions so as to dovetail them with special schemes undertaken by the agency.
  • For executing its programmes, the agency may act either directly or, through other sources including voluntary organisations decided by the agency.

To obtain the above aims, the agency may

  • Give such assistance to identified beneficiaries and institutions engaged in executing specific individual / area based plans in the area furthering the purpose of the plans and schemes undertaken or supported by the agency
  • Make necessary organisational arrangements directly or through other sources for implementation of the scheme approved by Shivalik Development Board / State Government
  • Draw, accept, make, endorse, discount and negotiate with Shivalik Development Board / State Government / Government of India and others, cheques or other negotiable instruments.
  • Invest the funds or the money entrusted to the agency upon such security or in any manner, as may, from time to time be determined by the Governing Body, and from time to time to sell or transfer such instruments.
  • Purchase, take on lease, accept as gift, construct or otherwise acquire any loan or property wherever suitable which may be necessary or useful for the agency.
  • Decide and recommend or impose necessary corrective/ panel measures for meaningful utilisation of grants/ funds, services/ properties of the agency by the individual beneficiaries or the institution engaged in implementing the programme sponsored, supported, adopted and monitored by the agency.
  • Do all other such things hitherto not mentioned, as may be considered necessary by the agency, which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives.

From SDA's stated mandate, it is evident that the organisation was set up with a vision that would work for the development of the deprived area of Shivalik region. It also shows that that Government of Haryana had the vision to work for its most deprived region and bring the people at par with others within the State.